Warrenty of Products

Limited 6 Months Warranty / 2 Year Warranty

If you disagreed with any of the below warranty terms, please return this aquarium to the point of purchase In Its original condition. By using this aquarium, you are signify your agreement to the below warranty terms.

This aquarium is warranted against leaks and or cracks due to defects from in the materials or workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. In addition, this aquarium Is further warranted against leakage caused by sealant failure for 2 years from the date of

Purchase as follows:

1- This warranty is extended to the original purchaser for so long as the aquarium is in their possession,

2- In the event of a defect in the sealant and/or workmanship in the aquarium, Acrylic Pros will repair or replace as its sole discretion.

This warranty shall become void If this aquarium has been tampered with, modified, misused or altered In any way from Its original and shall be Inapplicable to any damage caused by negligence of others, Including but not limited to any damage caused wave making devices or by moving this aquarium while containing water or any other material like sand, rock or decorations.

This warranty does not apply to chips, scratches, cracks, breakage, accidents or nature or failure by the original purchaser to follow the set of Instructions provided with this aquarium.

In no event shall Acrylic Pros be liable for personal Injury, property loss, Including Livestock or damage directly or Incidental or consequential arising out of use of this aquarium.

When making a warranty claim, the consumer must provide proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. To obtain warranty service this aquarium must be delivered, with proof of purchase to Acrylic Pros or to an approved authorized dealer.

This warranty is limited to repair or replacement. This warranty is exclusive remedy of the customer for any defects and any other warrantless, of merchant ability or fitness, expressed, or Impelled are expressly disclaimed to the extent lawful and in all events are limited to the term of the expressed warrantless set forth above.

All postage, Insurance and shipping charges connected with any claim under this warranty or under any warranty Implied by law, shall be borne by the purchaser.

Repairs without Acrylic Pros approval. Or by anyone other than an appointed authorized dealer will void this warranty.

Any questions regarding to this warranty, please contact Acrylic Pros at
Phone: 562 566-0150
Email: inf{at}acrylicpros{dot}com